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Total row 143, Current Page No. 2, No. of rows 15- Show Page no. << First | < Previous | Next >| Last >>
Sr. No.AbbreviationMeaning
16C.F.L.Q.Child and Family Law Quarterly Headington 1995-
17C.I.L.L.Construction Industry Law Letter Headington 1990-
18C.J.Q.Civil Justice Quarterly Headington 1982-
19C.L.Current Law Monthly Digest Headington 1 year Cumulates annually as: Current Law Year Book
20C.L.J.Cambridge Law Journal Headington 1951-
21C.L.P.Current Legal Problems Headington 1951-
22C.L.Y.Current Law Year Book Headington 1947-
23C.M.L.R.Common Market Law Reports Headington 1988-
24C.M.L.RevCommon Market Law Review Headington 1972-
25C.O.D.Crown Office Digest Headington 1993-2000 & continued as: Administrative Court Digest Headington 2001-
26C.P.D.Law Reports: Common Pleas Division Headington 1875-1880
27C.Q.S.Chartered Quantity Surveyor Headington 1983-1988
28C.S.W.Chartered Surveyor Weekly Headington 1982-1994
29ChLaw Reports: Chancery Division Headington 1891-
30Ch.D.Law Reports: Chancery Division Headington 1891-

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