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Sr. No.BenchPetitionerRespondentDate of JudgmentJudgments
16J KURIAN JOSEPH||J ROHINTON FALI NARIMAN||State Trading Corporation India Ltd.New Delhi Municipal Council3rd Feb 2016

State Trading Corporation India Ltd. Vs. New Delhi Municipal Council

[Civil Appeal N .......

17J KURIAN JOSEPH||J ROHINTON FALI NARIMAN||Municipal Corporation of Greater MumbaiBest Kamgar Karmachari3rd Feb 2016

Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai Vs. Best Kamgar Karmachari & Ors.

[Civil App .......

18J J CHELAMESWAR||J ABHAY MANOHAR SAPRE||Sanjay Kumar UpadhyayPalak Dhari Yadav3rd Feb 2016

Sanjay Kumar Upadhyay Vs. Palak Dhari Yadav & Ors.

[Civil Appeal No.8068 of 2009]

19J (MY Eqbal)||J (Arun Mishra)||State of Uttar PradeshRavindra Kumar Sharma3rd Feb 2016

State of Uttar Pradesh & Ors. Vs. Ravindra Kumar Sharma & Ors.

[Civil Appeal No..... .......

20J KURIAN JOSEPH||J ROHINTON FALI NARIMAN||Board of Trustees of Port of MumbaiNikhil N. Gupta2nd Feb 2016

Board of Trustees of Port of Mumbai Vs. Nikhil N. Gupta & ANR

[Conmt.Pet. (C) No. 27 .......

21J KURIAN JOSEPH||J ROHINTON FALI NARIMAN||Radhey Raman GuptaMahesh Chandra2nd Feb 2016

Radhey Raman Gupta Vs. Mahesh Chandra & Ors.

[Civil Appeal No. 754-55 of 2016 @ Spec .......

22J KURIAN JOSEPH||J ROHINTON FALI NARIMAN||Deputy Director, Social Forestry DivisionLakshmi Chandra2nd Feb 2016

Deputy Director, Social Forestry Division & ANR Vs. Lakshmi Chandra

[Civil Appeal No .......

23J KURIAN JOSEPH||J ROHINTON FALI NARIMAN||General Manager R.B.I.N. Venkateshaiah2nd Feb 2016

General Manager R.B.I. Vs. N. Venkateshaiah & Ors.

[Civil Appeal No.........of 2016 .......

24J (J Chelameswar)||J (Abhay Manohar Sapre)||Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam Ltd.EMCO Ltd.2nd Feb 2016

Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam Ltd. Vs. EMCO Ltd. & Another

[Civil Appeal No.1220 of 2015] .......

25J V GOPALA GOWDA||Gulzari LalState of Haryana2nd Feb 2016

Gulzari Lal Vs. State of Haryana

[Criminal Appeal No.92 of 2016 arising out of SLP ( .......

26J V GOPALA GOWDA||J SA BOBDE||NoorahammadState of Karnataka2nd Feb 2016

Noorahammad and Ors Vs. State of Karnataka

[Criminal Appeal No. 412 of 2006]

V .......

27J KURIAN JOSEPH||J ROHINTON FALI NARIMAN||Mukul SarmaSabita Chakraborty1st Feb 2016

Mukul Sarma Vs. Sabita Chakraborty

[Civil Appeal Nos. 713-714 of 2016 @ Special Leav .......

28J (KURIAN JOSEPH)||J (ROHINTON FALI NARIMAN)||Laxmi Snacks Pvt. Ltd.Akshar Food Products1st Feb 2016

Laxmi Snacks Pvt. Ltd. Vs. Akshar Food Products

[Civil Appeal No(S). 702-712 of 2016 .......

29J ANIL R DAVE||J ADARSH KUMAR GOEL||Khursida Begum (D) by LRS.Komammad Farooq (D) by LRS.1st Feb 2016

Khursida Begum (D) by LRS. & Ors. Vs. Komammad Farooq (D) by LRS. & ANR.

[Civil Appe .......

30J (AK SIKRI)||J (ABHAY MANOHAR SAPRE)||Educational Society, TumsarState of Maharashtra1st Feb 2016

Educational Society, Tumsar and Ors. Vs. State of Maharashtra and Ors.

[Civil Appeal .......

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