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Lawyer / Firm Details - Advocate Prabhat Shroff

User Icon :
Name : Prabhat Shroff
Country : India
State : West Bengal
City : Kolkata
Zip : 700001
Description : Full service law firm - specializing in Corporate laws, acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures, Intellectual Property law, personal laws including divorce, real estate laws etc.
Website URL : http://www.lawyerinindia.com
Address : Shroff & Company,10, Old Post Office Street, Kolkata - 700001,7, Rawdon Street, Kolkata - 700 017
Phone Number : 913322483340
Mobile Number : 919831023861
Email ID : prabhat_shroff@yahoo.com
Number of Replies by Email : 30
Direct Reply to user queries : 19
Total no of Blogs submitted : 0
Number of Visitors : 2913
Login counts : 45
Total Points : 699 (Click here to view rule for earning more points)
Link to this page : http://advocatesadvise.com//Documents/lawyer_details.php?id=32
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Google Map :

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