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Sr. No.WordMeaning
16Actus reus non facit reum nisi mens sit reaConviction of a crime requires proof of a criminal act and intent.
17Ad colligendum bonaWhen a person dies and there is no apparent executor or administrator, a person can be appointed by Court order and for the limited and sole purpose of collecting, inventorizing and preserving the assets of the deceased until an appropriate full-fledged administrator can be found or appointed.
18Ad damnumLatin: refers to the parts or sections of a petition that speaks to the damages that were suffered and claimed by the plaintiff. The ad damnum part of a petition will usually suggest an amount in dollars that the plaintiff asks the court to award.
19AddendumAn attachment to a written document.
20AdemptionWhen property identified in a will cannot be given to the beneficiary because it no longer belonged to the deceased at the time of death.
21Adhesion contractA fine-print consumer form contract which is generally given to consumers at point-of-sale, with no opportunity for negotiation as to it's terms, and which, typically, sets out the terms and conditions of the sale, usually to the advantage of the seller.
22Ad hocLatin: for this purpose; for a specific purpose.
23Ad infinitumLatin: forever; without limit; indefinitely.
24Ad litemLatin: for the suit
25Administrative lawAdministrative law is that body of law which applies for hearings before quasi-judicial or quasi-judicial organizations or administrative tribunals supplement the rules of natural justice with their own detailed rules of procedure.
26Administrative tribunalHybrid adjudicating authorities which straddle the line between government and the courts.
27AdministratorA person who administers the estate of a person deceased.
28AdoptionTo take as one's own.
29ADRAbbreviation for alternative dispute resolution.
30AdulteryVoluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and another person who is not their married spouse.

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