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Total row 66, Current Page No. 2, No. of rows 15- Show Page no. << First | < Previous | Next >| Last >>
Sr. No.WordMeaning
16Delegatus non protest delegareA delegate connot delegate.
17Donatio causa mortis or donatio mortis causaA gift in anticipation of death,a death bed gift.
18Ex nudo pacto non oritur actioAgreement without consideration is void.
19Ex turpi causa non oritur actioNo action arises on an immoral cause.
20Exampla Illustrant non restringunt legemExamples illustrate but do no narrow the scope of a rule of law.
21Falsus in uno falsus in omnibusFalse in one thing is false in everything.
22Felonia implicatur in qualibet proditioneFelony is implied in every treason.
23Fiat just ruat justtiaLet law prevail though justice fail
24Generalia specialibus non derogantGeneral things do not derogate from special ones
25Generalia Verba sunt generaliter intelligendaGeneral words are to be understood generally
26Generalia generalibus specialia derogantSpecial things derogate form general things
27Grammatica falsa non vitiat chartumBad grammer does not vitiate a deed.
28Ignorantia facti excusat-Mistake of factis good excustBad grammar does not vitiate a deed.
29Ignorantia Juris (legis) non excusatIgnorance of fact may excuse, but not ignorance of law.
30Ignorantia Judicis est calamitas innocentisIgnorance of the judge is misfortune of the innocent.

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