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Sr. No.WordMeaning
1A Spoliatus Debet ante omnia restituiA person who is wrongfully deprived of his property is entitled to the restitution of his property before all others.
2A tempore cujus contraii memoria non existetFrom a time of which there is no memory to the contrary
3Absoluta sententia expoisitore non indigetPlain words require no explanation
4Actio personalis moritur cum personaA personal claim dies with the person (claimant ) : Sampatilal V. Harising, 1985 Raj. 174-6
5Actus non facit reum, nise mens sit reaAct itself does not constitute crime unless done with the guilty mind
6Aequitas agit in personamEquity acts in person
7Aequitas est aequalitasEquity is equality
8cessat effectus cessat causaRemove the effect and you remove the cause
9Child en ventre sa merea child while yet unborn;child in the womb of the mother.from the time of conception, the infant is in esse for purpose of taking any estate which is for his interest whether by descent or devise.
10Clausula generalis non refertur ad expressaA general clause does not refer to things expressed
11Clausula rebus sic stantibusThe doctrine that a treaty is intended by the parties to be binding only as long as there is no vital change in the circumstances assumed by the parties at the time of conclusion of the treaty.
12Consensus ad idemCommon consent necessary for a binding contract.
13Contemporanea expositioContemporaneous exposition,or construction.
14Damnum absque injuriaA loss without a wrong
15Damnum sine injuriaDamage without legal injury

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