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Sr. No.WordMeaning
1A fortioriBy a stronger reason.
2A gratiaBy way of grace or favour,and not as of right.
3A prendreA right to take something out of the soil of another.
4A vinculo matrimonilFrom the bond of matrimony.
5Ab initioFrom the beginning.
6Ab initio mundiFrom the beginning of the world.
7Actus reusCriminal act.
8Ad curiamAt a court.
9Ad hocFor a particular purpose.
10Ad idemOf the same kind.
11Ad infinitumWithout limit.
12Ad interimin the interval/meantime.
13Ad litemAt law, for the suit.
14Ad valoremIn proportion to the value.
15Adminstratio ad liteman administrator of a diseased person\'s estate appointed for the purpose of litigation only.

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