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Questions by Emails


Regarding property dispute

Detailed Question

My father purchased the property measuring 125 sq.yard in 1995 and at that time he constructed in half portion and left the half portion constructed upto dpc level.
But some other person start construction at that plot in 2007 at that time we came to know that the said half portion is in dispute and came to know that he purchased that portion in 1999.
Then he suit a case of permanent injunction on us and that suit is dismissed by the Tis hazari court in 2013 and then he appealed in rohini court in front of ADJ and after 2 year he withdraw the case.
Now after 1 month we start construction on that portion of the plot but the other person called the police. And after that police is saying that it is not written on the judgement that u have won the case. So u cannot construct the plot.
Now I do not know what to do.
And the important thing is that in which colony I live is unauthorized.


Replied By - Advocate Asgher Mahdi on 5th Feb 2017 ( Total Replies - 24, Total points - 196 )
Advocates Reply - Unless you supplied judgment copy is perused it cannot be said. What has been said or understood all depend upon your understanding. Blindly, legal opinion may not be given.

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